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Hello. My name is Anna Ivanova. (Ann Iva)

When I first saw Ebru, I fell in love with this art. Drawing on the water struck me as simple and extraordinary originality. For hours I paint and draw. Water and paint pictures on the water, is a meditation of the soul, dance my feelings and thoughts. The fact that colorful stains can be "put on" predetermined my further development in Ebru. Heat and cool silk, cotton ease, wealth lawn, inspire me to new collections.

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My products like children who do not want to fly away from the nest, as someone has already found his half happy and lucky girl.

I conduct master classes on Ebru technique, which reveals many secrets. Draw itself, and many works presented here adorn the exhibition, and at home. Ebru is multifaceted and I'm always interested to do something new, whether it be a decoration for children's play, whether the restaurant decoration panels or illustrations for the book, with elements of Ebru.

Ebru of my soul is always open for you!